ASHA 2020 Speech-Language Pathology Certification Standards

Biological Sciences

Anthropology (ANTH)

  • B200: Bioanthropology
  • B260: Biocultural Medical Anthropology
  • B370: Human Variation

Biology (BIOL)

  • E111: Basic Biology by Examination I
  • E112: Basic Biology by Examination II
  • H111: Integrated Freshman Learning Experience I
  • H112: Integrated Freshman Learning Experience II
  • L111: Foundations of Biology: Diversity, Evolution, and Ecology
  • L112: Foundations of Biology: Biological Mechanisms
  • L113: Biology Laboratory
  • L211: Molecular Biology
  • M200: Microorganisms in Nature and Disease
  • MM215: Microorganism Laboratory
  • MM250: Microbiology
Cognitive Science
  • Q301: Brain and Cognition
Human Biology (HUBI)
  • B200: The Intricate Human
Medical Science (MSCI)
  • A215 Basic Human Anatomy
  • M131 Disease and the Human Body
  • M216 Medical Science of Psychoactive Drugs
  • P214 Principles of Human Physiology
  • P215 Basic Human Physiology
Psychological and Brain Sciences (PSY)
  • P326 Behavioral Neuroscience
  • P346 Neuroscience
  • P349 Cognitive Neuroscience

Physical Sciences

Chemistry (CHEM)
  • C100: The World as Chemistry
  • C101: Elementary Chemistry I
  • C102: Elementary Chemistry II
  • C103: Introduction to Chemical Principles
  • C117: Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry I
  • C118: Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry II
Physics (PHYS)
  • P101: Physics in the Modern World
  • P105: Basic Physics of Sound
  • P110: Energy
  • P111: Physics of Extraterrestrial Life and Death
  • P114: Understanding the Invisible Universe
  • P120: Energy and Technology
  • P125: Energy in the Twenty-first Century
  • P150: How Things Work
  • P151: Twenty-first-century Physics
  • P201: General Physics I
  • P202: General Physics II
  • P221: Physics I