Clinic Observations

Clinic observation instructions

Observation is one of the significant learning experiences of students. The American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) requires that students complete a minimum of 25 hours of observation before or during their graduate program. This requirement may be met in a variety of ways.  How to document your hours varies, depending on whether the clinical observation takes place inside or outside the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) department.

SLHS department observations

Students observing in clinic must first complete the IU HIPAA e-training module. Go to and complete the course. 

  • Students may obtain observation hours through the IU Speech and Language Clinic located at Health Sciences Building Room C2122, 2631 East Discovery Parkway, Bloomington, In. 47408. You may come to the clinic between 8am-5pm, request the observation sign-up book and review the available observations and times. Observation sign-up is in-person only. Please note that classroom videos can no longer be used to fulfill ASHA requirements.
  •  Students may park in the ST lot with a valid permit directly to the north of the clinic lot.
  • Our building is located on the City of Bloomington Transit College Mall line as well as the IU Campus Bus “E” route. Please visit Bloomington Transit or Indiana University Campus Bus Service for schedules and route information.
  • To count towards your 25 observation hours, every observation you complete within the SLHS Department must be recorded on a separate Guided Observation form (see below).
  • Also required and available below is the Guided Observation Summary Form that provides a concise outline of your observations within the Department. See the full set of observation instructions below.

Outside the department observations

  • Students may also obtain observation hours outside of the department in a variety of settings including schools, clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals, both in Bloomington and the surrounding community.
  • Observations at these outside sites should be under the direction of ASHA-certified clinicians or students supervised by ASHA-certified clinicians.
  • Students are responsible for coordinating their own outside observations and for keeping records of those observations. Given the volume of students, please do not contact Bloomington Hospital for observation opportunities.
  • Please note that IU faculty will no longer sign off on hours obtained outside the Department. However, a formal letter from the SLP at the outside site on the institution’s letterhead can be obtained and submitted to your future graduate program to count towards fulfilling ASHA requirements.
  • Master Clinician Network offers another observation option for a small fee. Follow instructions and select IU faculty who will approve observations online.