Honors Program

Honors program

The honors program in the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences is open to academically talented and motivated students who wish to engage in independent study and research under the close supervision of a faculty advisor. All juniors with an overall GPA of 3.5 or better are eligible for participation. Successful applicants are admitted to the program in the spring of their junior year.

Recent honors research projects

Joy Banda - Longitudinal Development of Tongue Shape for Rhotic Sound Production
Erika Beckstrom –
The Influence of Lateralized Consonants on Vowel Acoustics in Preadolescent English Speakers
Hannah Brownd -
The Role of Family Moderators in Social Communication Skills in Monolingual and Bilingual Preschool Children
Shelemiah Crockett -
The Impact of Hospital Noise on Speech Intelligibility for Older Adults
Kaylie Maucieri -
Speech Intelligibility in the Hospital Setting: A Comparison of Audio vs. Audiovisual Stimuli
Nicole Neuenschwander -
Subglottal Resonance of Older Adults
Reeya Patel -
Audio-Visual Integration of Voice and Gender Identification Using Reaction Times
Caroline Riefe -
Measurement of Three- Dimensional Vocal Fold Vibrations in Children Using Laser High-Speed Video endoscopy
Anna Spirtas -
Perspectives of SLPs on Bilingualism and Language Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Elise Sutton -
Comparability of Online Versus Clinical Tinnitus Assessment
Josie Smith -
Speech Disfluencies, Working Memory, and Language in Preschoolers Who Stutter and Who Do Not Stutter


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