Clinical Services


Diagnostic testing

The field of audiology is devoted to the diagnosis and prevention of hearing loss as well as the treatment of hearing problems. Diagnostic hearing testing defines the degree and pattern of hearing sensitivity. Defining the type of hearing loss can help to determine the following:

  1. if a medical referral is necessary
  2. the impact of hearing sensitivity on communication
  3. possible candidacy for hearing aids or other assistive devices
Hearing screening

The purpose of a hearing screening is to provide a quick assessment of individuals who are at risk for hearing loss or those who are in need of more in-depth evaluation or both. Our department provides hearing screening for people across the age span – from infants and toddlers to the elderly. Our audiologists and students screen for hearing loss and ear problems at community events for children and adults, at preschools and schools and at IU campus events.

Hearing conservation + ear protection devices

Hearing conservation programs are designed to protect individuals that are exposed to high-level noise in the workplace. The IU Hearing Clinic conducts hearing conservation programs for Indiana University and other area employers. The programs consist of annual audiologic monitoring, with special emphasis on hearing patterns that are indicative of noise exposure. In addition, there is an education component of the program regarding proper use of ear protection at work and away from work wherever loud noise occurs. Ear protection devices are available over the counter.

Hearing aid products + services

The IU Hearing Clinic provides services to patients who are candidates for hearing aids. The IU Hearing Clinic is a full-service hearing aid dispensary. Our audiologists are skilled in identifying the communication needs of each patient and assisting in the decision-making and fitting process. A wide range of hearing aid styles and prices are available.

The first step in the hearing aid process is an assessment of need and determination of the appropriate device. Next, the hearing aid fitting appointment includes verification of hearing aid settings and orientation to care and use of the device(s). Finally, hearing aid check appointments are scheduled after the initial fitting to be certain that hearing aid use and satisfaction has been achieved. Our goal is to help patients learn to use their devices for maximum potential. Our audiologists will also work with patients who have hearing aids that were fitted elsewhere including orientation, troubleshooting and assessment. A walk-in clinic is available twice a week to enable patients to address immediate or urgent concerns with their hearing aids.

Hearing aid services

We provide services to patients using hearing aids, beginning when with an assessment of their need for amplification. We assist with amplification when fitting recommended devices, and help patients learn to use their devices for maximum potential. A walk-in clinic is available twice a week to enable patients to address immediate or urgent concerns with their hearing aids.

Implantable device services

Our audiologists work with Indianapolis based otologists and neuro-otologists to serve patients of all ages with cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing devices. Our program is designed to help eligible adults and children with the process from beginning to end, from candidacy evaluations, device selections and activations, to follow-up programming appointments. We also accept patients who have already received their cochlear implant or bone-anchored hearing device from other locations. Our program is part of the Cochlear Provider Network. Our audiologists also work with the following manufacturer’s products: Cochlear Americas, Advanced Bionics, and Oticon Medical.

Assistive listening devices

Assistive listening devices are products designed to help those with hearing problems. These devices include:

  • personal sound amplifiers
  • large area amplification solutions
  • amplified phones or phones that provide written transcription
  • alerting devices for doorbells, smoke and baby alarms
  • tinnitus maskers

Our audiologists can help to determine the appropriate device and orient the user and their family members to device operation.

Tinnitus services

Tinnitus is defined as an individual’s perception of sound (such as, ringing, roaring, hissing, clicking, “cicada noise”, music) that is not associated with an external source. In other words, the brain perceives a sound that has not actually occurred in the environment. Our clinic provides screening and assessment of tinnitus as well as general treatment recommendations.