Research Grants

Funds from the URG are intended to cover costs related to conducting your original work, which may include equipment, materials and supplies, software, payment of participants, and travel and fees to academic conferences related to your project. To receive conference funds, your submission must already be accepted and the conference must take place during the time that you are an undergraduate in the SPHS program.

Application process

Interested students should submit a grant application and obtain a letter of collaboration written by the research advisor. The grant application requires a brief description of the proposed research, the significance of the project, the method or approach used to carry out the project, and a budget specifying how grant funds will be used.

Completed applications will be reviewed by members of the Undergraduate Research Committee. Notification of the committee’s decision will normally follow within two weeks of the application deadline. Among other criteria, the committee will consider the clarity and originality of the application, the relevance of the project to the field, and the advisor’s support letter, addressing the merits of the research work and the student’s independent contributions.

Benefits of collaborative research

Participating in collaborative research enables you to develop a one-to-one mentoring relationship with a SPHS faculty member as you engage in the creation of new knowledge.

Research helps you acquire a deeper understanding of the enterprise of science and it strengthens your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Your work also serves to enhance your academic credentials, supporting your future career and an application to graduate or professional school.

Grant requirements

By accepting an Undergraduate Research Grant, you agree to submit a report of your experience at the end of the spring semester.


For more information, email Dr. Lisa Gershkoff,