Audiology Au.D.

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Au.D. in Audiology

The Au.D. curriculum in Audiology is designed to prepare students for their professional careers. To be awarded the Au.D. degree, students must complete at least 90 credit hours of graduate course work.

The curriculum includes 66 didactic credit hours designed to establish the theoretical and research foundations for clinical practice, together with 24 credit hours of clinical practicum (at least 2,000 hours of supervised, clinical practicum) focusing on the assessment and treatment of hearing disorders, across the age span.

Clinical practicum sites include the Indiana University clinics, and many off-campus sites including area hospitals, ENT offices, and the Indiana School for the Deaf. For the third-year clinical externship, students may stay within the state of Indiana, but we encourage students to pursue out-of-state locations as well. In the past, our students have been placed at externship sites all over the country, including the states of Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico.

The Au.D. program takes a minimum of three years to complete; students take academic coursework for four semesters for each of the three years. During the third-year externship, students work in the clinic full-time, while also taking one distance-learning course per semester. Including this academic coursework allows students to experience clinical practice in relation to the theory of audiology while also allowing students to complete their 90 credit hours in a 3-year time frame. The majority of students complete the Au.D. program at the end of the summer (August) of their third year. The program sequence is standardized and varies little from student to student.

The Au.D. program is accredited by the Council of Academic Accreditation (CAA) through 2017. The CAA can be contacted at 2200 Research Boulevard, #310, Rockville, MD 20850, or via telephone at 800-498-2071. Students who complete the Au.D. at Indiana University are eligible for the Certificate of Clinical Competency. Graduates from our program work in many of the states in the U.S., including Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Nebraska.

If you are interested in our program and would like additional information, please consider attending one of our upcoming Virtual Open House events! They will be held on Friday, Nov. 12th and Friday, Dec. 3rd, from 4-5:30 p.m. on both dates. We will provide an overview of the AuD program, general information about IU and the city of Bloomington, and Q&A with faculty and current students. With questions or to register, please contact Kristin Baar at