Admissions FAQs

Admissions FAQs

The University Graduate School recommends that students have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). However, over the past few years, the mean GPA for the admitted students has been around 3.8 (Range = 3.0-4.0). You can find these statistics for the MA program here.

No. In addition to GPA, our admissions committee reviews each applicant’s letters of recommendation, personal statement, and any other information that will establish the candidate’s potential to be successful in our graduate degree programs.


We admit approximately 100 students to the MA program, with a target of obtaining a class of 40 MA students.  

See the Tuition Fee page of the Indiana University Graduate School. Tuition rates for either graduate program are listed as Graduate rates.

For the MA program, students are required to complete a minimum of 52 credit hours in the program, with some students completing additional credit hours depending on their interests and background. Please note that many classes, due to their clinical nature, also have an associated clinical fee (Science Infrastructure V), and you can find it’s amount here: This fee is assessed per class, not per credit hour.

We have only a few general Assistant Instructorships (AI funds) available, and these are usually offered to incoming students with the highest merit. These AI funds typically include a tuition waiver and a stipend for the student's first year of the program.

Students who have taken several levels (usually at least 4 semesters) of American Sign Language (ASL) may also qualify for funding as AIs for the many ASL courses offered in our department. Students are encouraged to describe their ASL or other special skills in the application to graduate program. Applications must be complete by January 1 to be considered for funding.

Students who are interested in the bilingual (Spanish-English) track in the Master’s degree program can also receive funding, and in some cases, may receive in-state tuition. If you are bilingual and interested in this program, please see the MA STEPS Program section of our website for more information. You must specifically indicate your interest in this program on your application to be considered.

All students who apply to the Master’s program are automatically considered for funding through these two mechanisms, as applicable to the applicant. As such, students do not need to inquire about the possibility of receiving funding. Students who will be offered funding will receive that offer as soon as funding is available.

Prospective Master's students can find additional information on the Financial Aid for MA Program section of our website along with other funding sources.

Because students who are accepted during the initial round of admissions have until April 15 to respond, the earliest that students who are on the waitlist will hear further information about their application is the last week of April.

If you have questions about Indiana University’s residency requirements, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Of course, we always welcome student visits. Please contact our Graduate Secretary, Susan Palmiotto, to schedule a visit.

Answers to most questions may be found in our Student Handbooks, located in each program area of our Student Portal. You may also email the program coordinator - email is located at the bottom of the SLP Program webpage.