Graduate courses in our department

Our graduate curriculum provides a foundation in the field, with courses in American Sign Language, Deaf culture, audiology, speech anatomy and physiology, cognitive and communicative aspects of aging, phonetics, and research in hearing and speech science.

Highlighted M.A. courses

Language Disorders in Children


The focus of this course is on the identification, etiology, and clinical treatment of children who are classified having disorders related to language development, such as autism spectrum disorder and specific language impairment.



In-depth study of diagnosis and management of adult aphasia and related disorders.

Highlighted Au.D. courses

Introduction to audiometric testing


Rationale and basic procedures in the evaluation of hearing loss.

Hearing aids


Types and components of electroacoustic hearing aids, earmold acoustics, and procedures for the selection, evaluation, and fitting of hearing aids.

Highlighted Ph.D. courses

Research and Ethics in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

SPHS-S 685

Focuses on research ethics and preparation of grant propos­als, within speech, language and hearing sciences.

Speech, Language and Hearing Science Seminar


This course will rotate topics through speech, language, and hearing. You are required to take one course on each topic. Recent offerings have focused on lexical processing in language production, pitch perception and neural encoding, and the cognitive organization of language.

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