We do our best to provide tuition waivers and a yearly stipend to support those students who meet our admissions criteria and have overlapping research interests with available mentors in the department. You are encouraged to describe your teaching and research experiences in your application, as this is likely to maximize your chances of receiving a funding offer.

Funding can take a number of forms including fellowships, Associate Instructorships, or Research Assistantships.

There are a number of fellowships available, including recruitment fellowships from the College of Arts and Sciences for in-coming students as well as the College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Research Fellowship, for students in their final year of the program. You can learn more about the funding opportunities on the Graduate School website. 

The Associate Instructor positions can be in the form of assisting a faculty member with a course or in teaching independently. There are teaching opportunities both within SLHS as well as in other programs. For example, some of our students have served as Associate Instructors within Computer Science, Spanish and Portuguese or for the Public Oral Communication course within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Research Assistantships are typically funded by a grant held by a student’s mentor and require that a student contribute to the faculty member’s research projects. Faculty within SLHS have been awarded grants from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and other foundations.

Students from underrepresented groups have additional funding opportunities available both from within the University and from external sources. 

Admissions to the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences follows the admissions and financial aid procedures of the University Graduate School.

Graduate research grants

Research grants of up to $500 are available for graduate students working collaboratively with a Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences faculty member on a research project. 

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